SugarMill Plantation Covenants

Article VIII – Annexation of Property

Section 1 – Declarant’s Annexation. The Declarant shall have the right, until ten years from: the date of recording this Declaration, from time to time and in its sole discretion, to annex to the Property and to include within this Declaration all or part of the Additional Property.

Section 2 – Members Annexation. The Owners may annex additional lands owned by such Owners to the Property with the approval of 2/3 of the votes of each class of Members. Such approval may be given at a meeting duly called for such purpose or by written consent of the required number of votes of each class of Members

Section 3 – Supplemental Declarations. Any such additions authorized in section or 2 above may be made by filing of record of one or more supplemental declarations. With respect to the any Additional Property annexed by the Declarant, the Supplemental declaration need only be executed by the Declarant in the .case of a Section 2 annexation, the supplemental Declaration shall be executed by the President of the Association A supplemental declaration shall contain a statement that the real property that is the subject of the supplemental declaration is to be deemed a part of the Property subject to this Declaration. Such supplemental declaration shall become effective upon being recorded in the public records of Camden County, Georgia.

Section 4 – Effect of Annexation. In the event that any Additional Property is annexed to the Property pursuant to the provisions of this Article, then such Additional Property shall be considered within .the definition of Property for all purposes of this Declaration, and each Owner of a Unit shall be a Class A, a or C Member and the votes of Members of the respective classes shall be ad j us red accordingly . In the event that the land described in Exhibit B is not annexed as provided herein this Declaration shall not be construed as a lien, encumbrance or defect on the land described on Exhibit B.

Section 5 – Additional Declarations. Declarant intends, as the Property is developed and offered for sale, to subject portions thereof to specific covenants and restrictions which apply only to each portion as defined and described in each such set of covenants and restrictions. Such additional covenants and restrictions shell be subject to the provisions hereof so that the SugarMill Plantation Community remains an integrated development. The additional covenants and restrictions may be contained in a Supplemental Declaration or a Subdivision Declaration.

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