Fire department hydrant repainting


St. Marys Fire Department

Robert T. Horton, Jr.

Fire Chief

Thomas W. Lackner        Karl Lewis        Timothy Haney

Assistant Fire Chief              Captain                    Captain

To: Sugar Mill Home Owners Association
Subj: Clearance around Fire Hydrants
Date: April 10, 2017

There are many Fire Hydrants in Sugar Mill that we are not able to test and do basic maintenance due to the growth of vegetation around the hydrant.  We are asking that any home owner with a fire hydrant in there yard follow the following code. Per the International Fire Code 2012 edition, section 507.5.4 (obstruction) and section 507.5.5 (Clear space around hydrant).  The Fire Department shall have 3-foot clear space around the hydrant and a clear path to the street from the hydrant.

If there are questions or concerns please contact myself or Chief Horton at the number below.


Asst. Chief Thomas Lackner
St. Marys Fire Department
201 N. Dandy St.
St. Marys Ga. 31558


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