RACC Guide Lines Fences and Walls

The Board Passes Architectural Planning Criteria Recommendations

The board passed the Architectural Planning Criteria presented by the Residential Architectural Control Committee. The committee had spent many hours reviewing the satellite and antennae, game and play structure, and fence and wall regulations before making their recommendations. A copy of the new criteria is included below.


RACC Guide Lines

The compositions, location, color and height of any fence or wall to be constructed on any lot is subject to RACC approval. RACC will require that the composition of any fence or wall is consistent with material used in surrounding building and other fences, if any. The preferred style to date is 6 feet high; Shadow Box either of Cedar, Cypress or pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine. Shadow Box fence is an open boarded of at least one inch, (gap) having the opposite side offset evenly allowing air movement with a finished look on both sides. Fence boards must be at least 3 inches but not more than 6 inches in width. Other fence styles will be considered on a case-by-case basis (consideration does not mean approval). In no event and for no purpose shall chain link fence be installed on any lot. Certain Lots adjacent to roadways will be subject to buffer easement as described in Article II, section 3. No owner whose lot is subject to the Buffer Easement shall install a fence, which encroaches on the buffer easement. Without limiting the applicable provisions or requirements, the type and location of fences, which are or may obstruct the sight lines at intersections, may be restricted.

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