RACC Guide Lines Game and Play Structures

The Board Passes Architectural Planning Criteria Recommendations

The board passed the Architectural Planning Criteria presented by the Residential Architectural Control Committee. The committee had spent many hours reviewing the satellite and antennae, game and play structure, and fence and wall regulations before making their recommendations. A copy of the new criteria is included below.


RACC Guide Lines

All play structures will be located at the rear of the lot or unit or on the inside portion of corner lots within the back setline. No platform, doghouse, tennis court, playhouse or structure of similar kind in nature shall be constructed on any part of a lot located in front of the rear line of the unit construction on the lot and such structure must have prior approval of RACC. RACC additionally requires the signatures of the adjacent homeowners, including neighbors to the rear of the lot or unit, to among other things, ease or eliminate privacy issues to those neighbors most affected. Play structures must be maintained in safe operating condition and acceptable appearance. Portable Basketball Goals will be approved with the provision that they are in fact portable and removed from view when not in use. If left to fall into ill repair or left to deteriorate in appearance, the board may request repairs of removal.

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